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* [[VS:Search Criteria]]
* [[VS:Search Criteria]]
* [[VS:Include Files and Encryption]]
* [[VS:Include Files and Encryption]]
* [[VS:Object_Events]]
* [[VS:Object Events]]
* [[VS:The VectorScript Debugger]]
* [[VS:The VectorScript Debugger]]

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What is VectorScript

VectorScript is a scripting language component of the Vectorworks® Fundamentals software package. It is a lightweight programming language which syntactically resembles Pascal, incorporating many of the programming constructs of that language.

Language Guide

VectorScript is actually a “superset” of the Pascal language, extending basic Pascal capabilities with a number of APIs (application programming interfaces) which provide access to the features and functionality of the Vectorworks CAD engine.

Please, download and read the VectorScript Language Guide PDF document for more information.


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