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I am _c_, previously known as Orso B. Schmid of I am an architect and BIM Manager based in Berlin. With two decades of field praxis, my expertise is BIM management and project coordination, batch editors and enpowering large projects through extreme customisation. If it can be done, I get it done.

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Pascal <> Python Rosetta Stone Translation map between Pascal and Python with common pitfalls.
Vector Math in the VS API Illustrates the API for vector math, for non-programmers (Vectorscript Pascal).
List Browsers Documentation Updated Vectorlab article with extensive examples (Vectorscript Pascal):
Plug-in with widgets, basic example Python example of custom plug-in object drawing a rectangle with a control point-driven label and collapsable/expandable widgets.
ENERGOS, basic example Python example for ENERGOS access: manipulation of lambda values in Wall Styles.