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([[User:Orso.b.schmid|Orso]], 2015.12.19):  
([[User:Orso.b.schmid|Orso]], 2015.12.19):  
Pattern and pattern rects are supported also on mac since VW 15 (2010). Use [[VS:SetLBItemPatternIndex]].
Pattern and pattern rects are supported starting with VW 15 (2010). Use [[VS:SetLBItemPatternIndex]] to choose the Pattern.
([[User:Orso.b.schmid|Orso]], 2007.05.16):  
([[User:Orso.b.schmid|Orso]], 2007.05.16):  

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Sets the list browser column's owner drawn type.
FUNCTION SetLBColumnOwnerDrawnType(
dialogID  :LONGINT;
componentID  :LONGINT;
itemIndex  :INTEGER;
subItemIndex  :INTEGER;
ownerDrawnType  :INTEGER) : BOOLEAN;
def vs.SetLBColumnOwnerDrawnType(dialogID, componentID, itemIndex, subItemIndex, ownerDrawnType):
    return BOOLEAN


dialogID LONGINT id of the dialog that contains the list browser
componentID LONGINT id of the list browser control
itemIndex INTEGER the row index
subItemIndex INTEGER the column index
ownerDrawnType INTEGER None - 0, Solid rect - 1, Dual solid rect - 2, Pattern rect - 3, Dual pattern rect - 4, Gradient or image - 5, Blank - 6, Text - 7, Dashed line - 8


(Orso, 2015.12.19):

Pattern and pattern rects are supported starting with VW 15 (2010). Use VS:SetLBItemPatternIndex to choose the Pattern.

(Orso, 2007.05.16): Pattern and pattern rect are not quite supported under VW 12.5 and 12.5.1. Setting a LB cell to this type will only load the artifact of a pattern. The image loaded is by default random and stretches on Mac (not on PC). A pattern shouldn't stretch according to the width of the LB cell, should be bound to the screen resolution.

There is to my knowledge no way to control the pattern loaded. A corresponding function for setting or retriving the pattern index is still missing in the currently published VS version. In the SDK there are SDK:GS_SetListBrowserItemPatternIndex and SDK:GS_GetListBrowserItemPatternIndex.


Availability: from VectorWorks 12.0
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