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Calculates the intersection between the specified line and ellipse.

PROCEDURE LineEllipseIntersect(
a1 :POINT;
a2 :POINT;
upperRight :POINT;
lowerLeft :POINT;
VAR int1 :POINT;
VAR legal1 :BOOLEAN;
VAR int2 :POINT;
VAR legal2 :BOOLEAN);
def vs.LineEllipseIntersect(a1, a2, upperRight, lowerLeft):
    return (int1, legal1, int2, legal2)


a1 POINT Start point of the line
a2 POINT End point of the line
upperRight POINT Upper-right point of the ellipse
lowerLeft POINT Lower-left point of the ellipse
int1 POINT On return, first point of intersection, if found
legal1 BOOLEAN On return, second point of intersection, if found
int2 POINT On return, indicates that int1 is a valid point of intersection
legal2 BOOLEAN On return, indicates that int2 is a valid point of intersection


On return, int1 and int2 are the two possible points of intersection. legal1 and legal2 indicate if the intersections are actually valid.


Availability: from VectorWorks10.0