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namespace VectorWorks

Member of VCOM:VectorWorks:ISDK

Displays a dialog which informs the user about the result of a command. Offers no user choices; the user acknowledges the message by clicking the OK button. Specify a category and item to show an optional 'Do not show this this again' checkbox.

virtual void AlertInform(
const TXString& text,
const TXString& advice =)const unsigned char *)"\0",
CBbool minorAlert = false, const TXString& category = (const unsigned char *)"\0", const TXString& item = (const unsigned char *)"\0", const TXString& checkboxOverideText = (const unsigned char *)"\0")


constTXString& text No information available.
constTXString&advice=(constunsignedchar * No information available.


Availability: from Vectorworks 2009