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namespace VectorWorks::Filing

Member of VCOM:VectorWorks:Filing:IStdFile

Set default line ending for this file instance.

The line ending types supported:

ELineEndType Line ending characters
eLineEndType_Mac 0x0D 0x0A (CR/LF)
eLineEndType_Win 0x0D (CR)
eLineEndType_Unix 0x0A (LF)
eLineEndType_Native Depends on the os
virtual VCOMError VCOM_CALLTYPE SetDefaultNewLine(
ELineEndType type) = 0;


type ELineEndType The new line ending.

Return Value

Uses standard VCOM Error Reporting.

Return value meaning:

kVCOMError_NotInitialized Bad VCOM instance used to call the fuction.
kVCOMError_Failed Routine failed.


enum ELineEndType
  eLineEndType_Mac,    // 0x0D 0x0A (CR/LF)
  eLineEndType_Win,    // 0x0D (CR)
  eLineEndType_Unix,   // 0x0A (LF)
  eLineEndType_Native, // Depends on the OS

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