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Plug-in Objects

VectorWorks supports another type of plug-in called a Plug-in Object. This feature provides a way to deliver more powerful and easy to use objects. It will also make it possible for distributors and users to create their own custom objects. A plug-in object will behave like a built-in object, and will draw itself based on the current values of its parameters. Users can easily edit the parameter values using the Object Info palette as they do with all VectorWorks objects.

When developing a Plug-in Object, you will actually need to develop two plug-ins: an object and either a tool or menu. The associated Tool or Menu will be used to provide a user interface for the creation of the Object. It may be as simple as a Tool which allows the user to click once in the drawing to place the Object, or it may be a Menu Command that displays a complex series of dialogs which allow the user to initialize the Object before it is created. The Plug-in Object’s code will not present a user interface.

It will simply draw the object based on the current parameter values. It will be called automatically by VectorWorks whenever the object needs to be regenerated. This may be in response to the user changing a parameter value on the Object Info palette for example.

Plug-in Object Types

There are several different SDK:Plug-in Object Types. Each type supports different creation and editing features.

The object types are:

Plug-in Object Resources

The SDK:Plug-in Object Resources define the plug-in as parametric object.

The resource is used to enable the SDK:Parametric Extended Properties

Plug-in Object Main Function

The main entry point for the plug-in in the main plug-in entry point funtion. This funtion is called from VectorWorks to notify the plug-in for certain action or event.

Plug-in Object Events

SDK:Plug-in Object Events are events received by the SDK:Plug-in Object Main Function to notify the plug-in parametric object.

Parametric Extended Properties

SDK:Parametric Extended Properties allow the plug-in to receive more events and thus to be more flexible.

Some of the uses of extended SDK:Parametric Extended Properties are:

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