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Version Information


Vectorworks 2019 is a Unicode application. Internally, Vectorworks uses UTF-16. To provide easier transition of Vector Scripts, the script engine uses UTF-8 Encoding.

Similarly to Vectorworks 2018, all sources files for Vector Script should be in UTF-8 text file encoding with or without BOM (Byte Order Mark).

In contract to previous version, Vector Script STRING type size was increased from 255 to 2048 bytes, which translates to a different maximum number of characters, depending on the symbols used as in UTF-8 some symbols can be represented by 4 bytes (for example)

Mac File Path Change

The Vectorscript functions VS:GetFile, VS:PutFile, VS:GetFolderPath and VS:FindFileInPluginFolder return a file path. For Vectorworks 2019, on the Macintosh platform, the path returned will be in the Posix format, rather than in the deprecated HFS format. If a Vectorscipt calls one of these functions and passes the file path returned into another Vectorscript function, no change should be needed. If a Vectorscipt calls one of these functions and checks that an HFS file path is returned on the Macintosh platform, the Vectorscript will probably need to be modified.

Line Type API Change

See Line Type Reengineering Conversion Guide for Plug-ins

New Functions

VS:Vectorworks 2019 New Functions

Obsoleted Functions

VS:Obsolete Functions Table

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