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Sets the horizontal alignment of a cell in the referenced worksheet.

SetWSCellAlignment allows a formula to be inserted into a rectangular range of cells. To set the alignment of a single cell, specify identical values for the top/bottom and left/right range boundaries.

Alignment index values for worksheet cells correspond to the horizontal alignment index values for text used by VectorScript.

Table - Worksheet Cell Alignment
Alignment Constant
General 1
Left 2
Right 3
Center 4
PROCEDURE SetWSCellAlignment(
worksheet  :HANDLE;
topRow  :INTEGER;
leftColumn  :INTEGER;
bottomRow  :INTEGER;
rightColumn  :INTEGER;
cellAlignment  :INTEGER);
def vs.SetWSCellAlignment(worksheet, topRow, leftColumn, bottomRow, rightColumn, cellAlignment):
    return None


worksheet HANDLE Handle to worksheet.
topRow INTEGER Top row of cell range.
leftColumn INTEGER Leftmost column of cell range.
bottomRow INTEGER Bottom row of cell range.
rightColumn INTEGER Rightmost column of cell range.
cellAlignment INTEGER The new alignment index value.


Availability: from VectorWorks 9.0
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