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Function GetDashStyleIndex searches for the pattern specified by the parameters. If it exists, then the linestyle index associated with the existing dash pattern is returned. If it does not exist, then it is added to the document and the linestyle index associated with the new dash pattern is returned.
FUNCTION GetDashStyleIndex(
swt  :BOOLEAN;
numPairs  :INTEGER;
pair1  :REAL;
pair2  :REAL;
pair3  :REAL;
pair4  :REAL;
pair5  :REAL) : INTEGER;
def vs.GetDashStyleIndex(swt, numPairs, pair1, pair2, pair3, pair4, pair5):
    return INTEGER


swt BOOLEAN scales with thickness
numPairs INTEGER count of used pairs
pair1 REAL values in pt (1/72 inches)
pair2 REAL values in pt (1/72 inches) or empty
pair3 REAL values in pt (1/72 inches) or empty
pair4 REAL values in pt (1/72 inches) or empty
pair5 REAL values in pt (1/72 inches) or empty


Orso, 2016.03.01: The dash style index returned is relative to the dash style list, so it's not an index that can be used with VS:Index2Name. This routine seems to be the same as VS:GetDashStyle without setting the found/created dash style to active style.
indx := GetDashStyleIndex(TRUE, 1, 0.12, 0.03); 
{ returns the dash style index of 'ISO-02 Dashed' or creates a style in the document with these values }

Parameter swt defines whether the linestyle will be scaled with thickness, and parameter numPairs specifies the number of length pairs (2-10) defining the linestyle. The linestyle is defined by up to five black/white length pairs, which are specified in parameters pair1 through pair5. The minimum length of any given black or white parameter is 1 point, or 1/72 of an inch, and the line specification must be in pairs. The Function will also set the document default line style.


Availability: from Vectorworks 2010
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