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Procedure GetBatAttributes returns the attributes of a bat dormer in the referenced roof.
PROCEDURE GetBatAttributes(
roofObject  :HANDLE;
dormerID  :INTEGER;
VAR useHeight  :BOOLEAN;
VAR heightDepth  :REAL;
VAR bottomWidth  :REAL;
VAR topWidth  :REAL;
VAR baseHeight  :REAL;
VAR controlPoint  :REAL;
VAR topSlope  :REAL);
def vs.GetBatAttributes(roofObject, dormerID):
    return (useHeight, heightDepth, bottomWidth, topWidth, baseHeight, controlPoint, topSlope)


roofObject HANDLE Handle to roof.
dormerID INTEGER Index of dormer element.
useHeight BOOLEAN Returns if height setting was used to created dormer.
heightDepth REAL Returns height or depth value.
bottomWidth REAL Returns bottom width.
topWidth REAL Returns top width.
baseHeight REAL Returns base height.
controlPoint REAL Returns the control point offset.
topSlope REAL Returns the slope of the bat roof.


This will fail if the dormerID identifies a dormer of a different style, or the dormerID is not valid.

dormerID: Identifies the dormer for which to retrieve the information.

useHeight: Set to true if the next value is the height of the dormer, if false, next value is the depth (front to back) of the dormer. heightDepthValue: Size of the dormer, either by height or depth; determined by previous parameter.

bottomWidth: Dimension of bottom front edge of the dormer, left to right. baseHeight: Dimension of the bottom half of the dormer. topWidth: Dimension of the roof of the dormer.

topSlope: Angle of the dormer roof.

controlPoint: The distance from the side to where the curve starts. Must be less than (bottomWidth - topWidth) / 2.


Availability: from VectorWorks8.0
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