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Appendix H - DoMenuTextByName Constants

Menu Commands

Menu Command Selector
Add Surface Add Surface
Align Objects Align Objects
Align to Grid Align to Grid
Vectorworks Preferences... Application Preferences
Arc Smoothing Arc Smoothing
Arrow Heads... Arrow Heads
Bezier Spline Smoothing Bezier Spline Smoothing
Classes... Classes
Clear Clear
Clip Surface Clip Surface
Close Close
Color Palette... Color Palette
Column... Column
Combine Into Surface Combine Into Surface
Compose Compose Curve
Convert Copy to Lines Convert Copy to Lines
Convert Copy to Polygons Convert Copy to Polygons
Convert to 3D Polys Convert to 3D Polys
Convert to Lines Convert to Lines
Convert to Mesh Convert to Mesh
Convert to NURBS Convert To NURBS
Convert to Polygons Convert to Polygons
Copy Copy
Create Layer Link... Create Layer Link
Create Plug-in... VectorScript Plug-in Editor
Create Report... Create Report
Create Symbol... Create Symbol
Cubic Spline Smoothing Cubic Spline Smoothing
Custom RenderWorks Options... Custom RW Options Chunk
Custom Selection... Custom Selection
Custom Tool/Attribute... Custom Tool/Attribute
Custom Visibility... Custom Visibility
Cut Cut
Cut 2D Section Cut 2D Section
Cut 3D Section Cut 3D Section
Dash Styles... Dash Styles
Decompose Decompose Curve
Deselect All Deselect All
Document Preferences Document Preferences
Duplicate Duplicate
Duplicate Array... Duplicate Array
Edit Constraints... Edit Constraints
Export Database... Export Database
Export DXF/DWG... Export DXFDWG
Export EPSF... Export EPSF
Export Image File... Export Image File
Export PICT... Export PICT
Export Simple VectorScript (3D Only)... Export Simple VectorScript (3D only)
Export VectorScript... Export Text Format
Export VRML... Export VRML Chunk
Export Worksheet... Export Worksheet
Extrude Extrude
Extrude... Extrude and Edit
Fit To Page Area Fit to Window
Flip Horizontal Flip Horizontal
Flip Vertical Flip Vertical
Floor... Floor
Format Text... Format Text
Hatch... Hatch
Import DXF/DWG... Import DXFDWG
Import EPSF... Import EPSF
Import Image File... Import Image File
Import PICT... Import PICT
Import PICT as Picture... Import PICT as Picture
Import 3DS (3D Only)... 3DS Import
Import VectorScript... Import Text Format
Import Worksheet... Import Worksheet
Intersect Surface Intersect Surface
Layer Scale... Layer Scale
Layers... Layers
Line Thickness... Line Thickness
Link Text To Record Link Text to Record
Lock Lock
lower case lower case
Move... Move
Move 3D... Move 3D
Move Working Plane Move Working Plane
Multiple Extrude Multiple Extrude
Multiple Extrude... Multiple Extrude and Edit
New... New
Next View Next View
No Smoothing No Smoothing
Normal Scale Normal Scale
Open... Open
Printer Setup... Page Setup
Paste Paste
Paste As Picture Paste As Picture
Paste In Place Paste In Place
Patterns... Patterns
Previous Selection Previous Selection
Previous Views Previous View
Print... Print
Engineering Properties... Properties
Quit Quit
Redo Redo
Revert To Saved Revert To Saved
Roof Face... Roof Face
Rotate... Rotate
Rotate 3D... Rotate 3D
Rotate 3D VIew... Rotate 3D View
Rotate Left 90° Rotate Left 90
Rotate Right 90° Rotate Right 90
Rotate Working Plane... Rotate Working Plane
Save Save
Save As... Save As
Save As Template... Save As Template
Save View Save View
Scale Objects... Scale Objects
Select All Select All
Send Backward Send Backward
Send Forward Send Forward
Send to Back Send to Back
Send to Front Send to Front
Set 3D View... Set 3D View
Set Grid... Set Grid
Set Layer Lighting Option Set Layer Lighting Options
Set Origin... Set Origin
Page Setup... Set Print Area
Set Size... Set Size
Shallow Symbol to Group Shallow Symbol to Group
Sweep Sweep
Sweep... Sweep and Edit
Symbol to Group Symbol to Group
Title Caps Title Caps
Trace Bitmap Trace Bitmap
Undo Undo
Units... Units
Unlock Unlock
Unrotate 3D Objects Unrotate 3D Objects
Wall Framer... Wall Framer...
Workgroup References... Workgroup References

Menu Chunk Commands

Menu Command Selector
Create Batch Render Job... Batch Render Chunk
Start Batch Render...
Active Only Class Options
Gray Others
Gray/Snap Others
Show Others
Show/Snap Others
Show/Snap/Modify Others
Convert to Group Convert to Group Chunk
Export As MiniCAD 6 File... Export Previous File Version
Export As MiniCAD 7 File...
Export As Vectorworks 8 File...
4 Font Siz
Plain Font Style
Group Group Chunk
Edit Group Group Navigation Chunk
Exit Group
Top Level
Make Guides Guides
Select Guides
Show Guides
Hide Guides
Delete All Guides
Join Join Chunk
Active Only Layer Options
Gray Others
Gray/Snap Others
Show Others
Show/Snap Others
Show/Snap/Modify Others
Hidden Line Line Render Chunk
Dashed Hidden Line
Line Render Options...
Sketch Sketch Chunk
Sketch Options...
OpenGL Options... OpenGL Options Chunk
OpenGL OpenGL Render Chunk
Set Perspective... Perspective Chunk
Narrow Perspective
Normal Perspective
Wide Perspective
Unshaded Polygon Polygon Render Chunk
Shaded Polygon
Shaded Polygon No Lines
Final Shaded Polygon
2D Plan Projection
Oblique Cavalier 45
Oblique Cavalier 30
Oblique Cabinet 45
Oblique Cabinet 30
Fast RenderWorks RenderWorks Render Chunk
Fast RenderWorks with Shadows
Final Quality RenderWorks
Custom RenderWorks
Custom RenderWorks Options...
Artistic RenderWorks
Artistic RenderWorks Options...
Add Solids Solid Operations
Subtract Solids...
Intersect Solids
Constraints Standard Palettes Chunk
Object Info
Working Planes
Object Browser
Top/Plan Standard Views
Right Isometric
Left Isometric
Right Rear Iso
Left Rear Iso
Lower Right Iso
Lower Left Iso
Lower Right Rear
Lower Left Rear
Left Text Horizontal Alignment
Single Space Text Spacing
1-1/2 Space
Double Space
Top Text Vertical Alignment
Top Baseline
Bottom Baseline
Use Full Screen Use Full Screen Chunk
Wireframe Wireframe Render Chunk
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