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Displays the text formatting dialog and returns the selected text formatting options.

Table - Text Style
Style Constant
Plain 0
Bold 1
Italic 2
Underline 4
Outline 8
Shadowed 16
Table - disableMask Values
Description Constant
Font 1
Size 2
Spacing 4
Style 8
hAlign 16
vAlign 32
PROCEDURE FormatTextDialog(
VAR fontName  :STRING;
VAR style  :INTEGER;
VAR size  :REAL;
VAR spacing  :INTEGER;
VAR leading  :REAL;
VAR hAlignment  :INTEGER;
VAR vAlignment  :INTEGER;
disableMask  :INTEGER);
def vs.FormatTextDialog(fontName, style, size, spacing, leading, hAlignment, vAlignment, disableMask):
    return (fontName, style, size, spacing, leading, hAlignment, vAlignment)


fontName STRING The name of the selected font.
style INTEGER The selected style options. 0 for plain text. Bit 1 is on for bold, bit 2 for italic, bit 3 for underline, bit 4 for outline and bit 5 for shadow.
size REAL The selected size (in points).
spacing INTEGER The selected spacing option. 0 for custom leading, 2 for single spacing, 3 for 1 1/2 spacing and 4 for double spacing.
leading REAL The selected leading value (in points) for custom spacing or -1 for a standard spacing.
hAlignment INTEGER The selected horizontal alignment options. 0 for general justify (used only on worksheets), 1 for left, 2 for center and 3 for right.
vAlignment INTEGER The selected vertical alignment options. 1 for top, 2 for top baseline, 3 for center, 4 for bottom baseline and 5 for bottom.
disableMask INTEGER Disables controls and indicates for worksheet. Bit 1 disables font name, bit 2 size, bit 3 spacing, bit 4 style, bit 5 h align, bit 6 v align and bit 7 worksheet.



font    :STRING; 
style   :INTEGER;
size    :REAL;
spacing :INTEGER; 
leading :REAL;
hAlign  :INTEGER;
vAlign  :INTEGER;
disable :INTEGER;
{Set some dialog defaults.}
font := 'Arial';
style := 1;
size := 12;
spacing := 2;

{Bit values for disableMask: 
1: font
2: size
4: spacing
8: style
16: hAlign
32: vAlign}
disable := 32;

{Now get the user's selections.}
FormatTextDialog(font, style, size, spacing, leading, hAlign, vAlign, disable);


def Example():
    #{Set some dialog defaults.}
    font = 'Arial'
    style = 1
    size = 12
    spacing = 2
    leading = -1
    hAlign = 1
    vAlign = 1
    #{Bit values for disableMask: 
    #1: font
    #2: size
    #4: spacing
    #8: style
    #16: hAlign
    #32: vAlign}
    disable = 32

    #{Now get the user's selections.}
    font, style, size, spacing, leading, hAlign, vAlign = vs.FormatTextDialog(font, style, size, spacing, leading, hAlign, vAlign, disable)



Availability: from VectorWorks 9.0
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