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Creates a new path extrude object in the document. The profile defines the shape of the cross-section, and is extruded along the path to generate the resulting object.

The path argument must be a handle to a NURBS Curve object (type 111). The profile argument must be a handle to an object of one of the following types: NURBS Curve, Polygon, Polyline, Arc, Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Line, Oval.

FUNCTION CreateExtrudeAlongPath(
pathHandle  :HANDLE;
profileHandle  :HANDLE) : HANDLE;
def vs.CreateExtrudeAlongPath(pathHandle, profileHandle):
    return HANDLE


pathHandle HANDLE Handle to the path object.
profileHandle HANDLE Handle to the profile object.

Return Value

Returns a HANDLE to the new path extrude if successful, otherwise returns NIL.


Orso, 2018.05.13: It creates a number of NURBS curves with class attributes, but won't section properly in Section Viewports without stitch and trim, since they don't generate a fill. Tested in Pio: OK. ExtrudeAlongPath outputs generic solids, instead, but without class attributes.

Older remarks not from me (Orso): The following objects are supported as profile objects:

Line 2
Box 3
Oval 4
Polygon 5
Arc 6
Freehand 8
R Rect 13
Polyline 21
3D Poly 25
NURBS Curve 111

This works from inside a VSO, but I couldn't get it to work using an oval. I was able to get it to work with an arc.

This will fail if the NURBS curve has two consecutive segments which are colinear, or nearly colinear. In the example that I tested, the failure occured if the segments were colinear within .375 degree, but I don't know if the failure criterion is the angular difference or a combination of other factors (length, width of profile, shape of profile, etc.).

In VW2011 this will generate a number of NURBS surfaces instead of an extrude along path object.


Availability: from VectorWorks 9.0
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