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Adds an object to the specified 2D component group of a symbol definition or plug-in object. Use Top/Plan if you want to add the the object into the main container of the symbol definition or plug-in object.

Table - 2D components
2D component Constant
Not Set 0
Top 1
Bottom 2
Top and Bottom Cut 3
Front 4
Back 5
Front and Back Cut 6
Left 7
Right 8
Left and Right Cut 9
Top/Plan 10

FUNCTION AddObjectTo2DComp(
objectHandle  :HANDLE;
objToAddHandle  :HANDLE;
component  :INTEGER) : BOOLEAN;
def vs.AddObjectTo2DComp(objectHandle, objToAddHandle, component):
    return BOOLEAN


objectHandle HANDLE Symbol definition or plug-in object.
objToAddHandle HANDLE New object to be added to the 2D component group.
component INTEGER 2D component

Return Value

Returns TRUE if the operation was successful.


Availability: from Vectorworks 2019

See Also

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| [[VS:Get2DComponentGroup]]
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