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Member of VCOM:VectorWorks:ISDK

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virtual bool VCOM_CALLTYPE GetCurtainWallPanelInfo(
MCObjectHandle hWall,
const WorldPt& inCenterPt,
bool includeBottomFrame,
WorldPt& outCenterPt,
WorldCoord& outWidth,
WorldCoord& outHeight) = 0;


hWall MCObjectHandle Handle to the curtain wall object. If this handle is not a handle to a curtain wall, the function will return false.
inCenterPt const SDK:WorldPt& The center of the object being tested in the space of the wall.
includeBottomFrame bool Whether to include the bottom frame in the returned information. In the US, this will be true when testing a door and false for a window.
outCenterPt SDK:WorldPt& The new center point for the object in the wall. This will be the center of the rectangle in which the object is being placed or moved into. The size of the rectangle will be dependent on whether the bottom frame is included, and whether the panel itself is rectangular. If the panel is not rectangular, it will be the center of the largest possible rectangle to be found in the frame. This point will be used to update the horizontal offset in the break record and elevation value of the object.
outWidth WorldCoord& The Width of the rectangle to draw the object.
outHeight WorldCoord& The Height of the rectangle to draw the object.


Availability: from Vectorworks 2015
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