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In IFC Support Library exist several enumerations which are used as input/output parameters from functions. Here is a list of them with some details.


buildingSMART’s technical core is based around a common data schema (model) called IFC that makes it possible to hold and exchange relevant data between different software applications. That enumeration represents different versions of the IFC model (IFC schema).

Value Integer value Description
kIFCSupportScheme_2x2 0 IFC 2x2
kIFCSupportScheme_2x3 1 IFC 2x3
kIFCSupportScheme_2x4 2 IFC 4


This enumeration is used as out parameter in functions IFC_GetEntityProp2 and IFC_GetPsetProp2 called outMap.

Value Integer value Description
eNotSet -1 The source of the value is unknown. It could be treated as error code.
eFromInstance 0 The value comes from instance.
eFromMapping 1 The value comes from Data mapping.


This enumerations is used by VWFC classes to recognize the type of IFC records. For common purposes use None value. Use the other values only if you are sure for the type. The difference betwen types is in the record structure.

Value Integer value Description
None 0 Default values, it is used to identify the type of record by the IFC library.
IFC 1 IFC Entity
PSet 2 Pset
IFCTag 3 IFC Tag
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