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namespace VectorWorks::Filing

Member of VCOM:VectorWorks:Filing:IStdFile

Open a file for reading.

virtual VCOMError VCOM_CALLTYPE OpenRead(
IFileIdentifier* pFileID,
bool bRandomAccess) = 0;


pFileID VCOM:VectorWorks:Filing:IFileIdentifier|IFileIdentifier]]* File identifier for the file that is to be opened.
bRandomAccess bool true if the instance should support random access to the file; false if it will be read from top to bottom.

Return Value

Uses standard VCOM Error Reporting.

Return value meaning:

kVCOMError_NotInitialized Bad VCOM instance used to call the fuction.
kVCOMError_Failed Routine failed.

See Also

VCOM:VectorWorks:Filing:IFolderIdentifier | VCOM:VectorWorks:Filing:IFileIdentifier | VCOM:VectorWorks:Filing:IStdFile

[[VCOM:VectorWorks:Filing:IFolderIdentifier]] | [[VCOM:VectorWorks:Filing:IFileIdentifier]] | [[VCOM:VectorWorks:Filing:IStdFile]]