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What is Python

Python is a programming language that lets you work more quickly and integrate your systems more effectively. You can learn to use Python and see almost immediate gains in productivity and lower maintenance costs.[1]

Also, here is the article about Python in wikipedia:

More about Python can be found on the website.

Python Version

Python has two public versions Python 2.7 and Python 3.x.

Vectorworks uses Python 3 language. This is very important when learning about the language and when writing code.

How to start with Python

First of all you must learn the Python 3 language. The best place to start is the Python documentation page(

The fastest way to learn the language is to read through Python Tutorial pages:

Python 3 and Vectorworks

Scripting in Vectorworks with Python is very similar to the way VectorScript works in the software. All the existing APIs are available i n the Python scripts inside the 'vs' namespace.

For example a simple script in Python that show an alert dialog looks like that:


  1. Right-click on the resource browser and create a new script
  2. Choose language for the script to be 'Python'
  3. Type the script

When executed with double click on the script in the resource browser, the alert dialog will be displayed.

Python API

Full functional reference to the Python Vectorworks API can be found on this page VS:Function_Reference.


Some sample Python plug-ins can be found on this page VS:Python Samples.


  1. As described on the Python official website:
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