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This is your source for finding developer oriented documentation related to the SDK and VectorScript. It includes both reference documentation, sample code and articles covering some topics in great detail.

Languages / 言語

This information in this website is provided in the following languages:

  • English -- The English version is located at Main Page
  • 日本語 -- 日本語のページはMain Page/jaからたどってください。

Note: You can modify your user preferences and set Language to the appropriate value. Then the wiki will automatically display the corresponding language if it is available.


Developing for Vectorworks


As for Vectorworks 2014 Python language is available for scripting along with VectorScript. This is an alternative that uses more modern language and provides fast and stable scripting.

More information can be found here Vectorworks Scripting.


The Vectorworks SDK is available for free download at under the license: Vectorworks SDK License.

The main entry point for SDK developers is here. Also, the full SDK API reference is here VCOM:Class Reference.

The main SDK category is also available to help navigate around the site.

Install Partner Products

Vectorworks 2021 introduced a feature called 'Install Partner Products' (as a menu command under the Help menu) that allows users to browse and install features from third-party developers.

The Install Partner Products feature works with packages, provided by the developer, and uploaded on Vectorworks online storage. More information about how these packages are structured and how the system works, you can find in the Partner Product Install Package article.

As a developer, if you are interested in listing your products/features there, please contact us at


Localization techniques are discussed here Vectorworks Plugin Localization.


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