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An Input node.


An Any node.

Create any value using the python eval function

Bool Generates a True or False value from a checkbox in the OIP

Control Geometry When used in the definition network of a Marionette Object, returns the first object in the Control Geometry group. Not useable outside of an object

Dim A real value with units

Int An integer value

Name Get a named object in the drawing

Objs by Crit Returns a list of objects meeting the input criteria

Point2 This node represents position in 2D space defined in the OIP, optionaly with units

Point3 This node represents position in 3D space, defined in the OIP

Real A Real value defined in the OIP in document units

String A text string defined in the OIP

Vec2 This node produces a 2 dimensional vector

Vec3 This node produces a 3 dimensional vector

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