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Sets the numeric formatting of a cell in the referenced worksheet.

SetWSCellNumberFormat allows numeric formatting to be set for a rectangular range of cells. To set the formatting of a single cell, specify identical values for the top/bottom and left/right range boundaries.

Table - Worksheet Number Formats
Style Constant Meaning of Accuracy
General 0
Fixed Decimal 1 number of decimal places
DecwCommas 2 number of decimal places
Scientific 3 number of decimal places
Fractional 4 largest displayed denominator
Dimension 5
Angle 6 corresponds to angular accuracy in units dialog
Date 7 index to a date format, e.g. 3 for 'dmy' or 7 for 'd-mmm-y'
Conditional 8
Dimension Area 11
Dimension Volume 12
Text 13
PROCEDURE SetWSCellNumberFormat(
worksheet  :HANDLE;
topRow  :INTEGER;
leftColumn  :INTEGER;
bottomRow  :INTEGER;
rightColumn  :INTEGER;
style  :INTEGER;
accuracy  :INTEGER;
leaderString  :STRING;
trailerString  :STRING);
def vs.SetWSCellNumberFormat(worksheet, topRow, leftColumn, bottomRow, rightColumn, style, accuracy, leaderString, trailerString):
    return None


worksheet HANDLE Handle to worksheet.
topRow INTEGER Top row of cell range.
leftColumn INTEGER Leftmost column of cell range.
bottomRow INTEGER Bottom row of cell range.
rightColumn INTEGER Rightmost column of cell range.
style INTEGER Numeric format style index.
accuracy INTEGER Numeric accuracy / secondary format index.
leaderString STRING Leader string (where applicable).
trailerString STRING Trailer string (where applicable).


FYI: DO NOT USE 9 and 10!!!
  • General Frac = 9 is used for fraction with unreduced denominator.
  • Dimension With Divider = 10 is the same as Dimension but for use in output-only situations where the current units format is feet and inches and you want a feet and inch divider.


Availability: from VectorWorks 9.0
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