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For plug-in objects, this procedure sets whether or not the specified parameter is visible on the Object Info Palette. This routine is used inside plug-in object regeneration scripts to set their parameter visibility. This visibility is an object instance property.
PROCEDURE SetParameterVisibility(
inPlugin  :HANDLE;
inParameterName  :STRING;
inSetVisible  :BOOLEAN);
def vs.SetParameterVisibility(inPlugin, inParameterName, inSetVisible):
    return None


inPlugin HANDLE Handle to the currently executing plug-in object.
inParameterName STRING Name of parameter, as it appears in the plug-in editor's parameter list.
inSetVisible BOOLEAN The new visibility state for the parameter specified.


Uses the "ParamName" (not "pParamName").

If you hide a parameter it appears to change the order of the internal list. So, in a multiple selection you may be changing the wrong values and not know it. i.e.. Objects A and B have the same parameter list. Hide the first parameter in A using SetParameterVisibility, and the parameters will now align A-B as 1-2,2-3,3-4... in a multiple selection.(26637)

Multiple selections behave differently on Mac and windows. Select 2 objects. Object A has a Dim Parm, Object B has an Int Parm. Change the parm. On windows, it will change to 11" and 11 respectively. On the Mac, with A active it will change to 11" and no change to B.(26635)


Availability: from VectorWorks10.0
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