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Import the specified image file as an Image object in Vectorworks.

FUNCTION ImportImageFile(
filePath :DYNARRAY[] of CHAR;
importPt :POINT) : HANDLE;
def vs.ImportImageFile(filePath, importPt):
    return HANDLE


filePath DYNARRAY[] of CHAR Full path to the image file.
importPt POINT Location on which the file should be imported. You can pass X, Y REAL coordinates here instead of POINT.


This function returns NIL in Vectorworks 2014.

A typical call to this function would be:

hImage = vs.ImportImageFile( imagePath, importPt )

In Vectorworks 2014, if you need the result, the call should be:

vs.ImportImageFile( imagePath, importPt )
hImage = vs.FSActLayer()


See Python Sample Import Images as Symbols for example.


Availability: from Vectorworks 2014