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Procedure GetDormerAttributes returns the attributes of a roof element in the referenced roof.
PROCEDURE GetDormerAttributes(
roofObject  :HANDLE;
dormerID  :INTEGER;
VAR edgeIndex  :INTEGER;
VAR cornerOffset  :REAL;
VAR isPerpOffset  :BOOLEAN;
VAR perpOrHeightOffset  :REAL;
VAR symName  :LONGINT;
VAR centerSymbol  :BOOLEAN;
VAR symOffset  :REAL);
def vs.GetDormerAttributes(roofObject, dormerID):
    return (edgeIndex, cornerOffset, isPerpOffset, perpOrHeightOffset, symName, centerSymbol, symOffset)


roofObject HANDLE Handle to roof.
dormerID INTEGER Index of dormer element.
edgeIndex INTEGER Index of roof edge.
cornerOffset REAL Returns offset from roof edge corner.
isPerpOffset BOOLEAN Returns whether perpendicular offset was used.
perpOrHeightOffset REAL Returns perpendicualr or height offset.
symName LONGINT Returns index of dormer symbol.
centerSymbol BOOLEAN Returns whether symbol was centered.
symOffset REAL Returns symbol offset distance.


This will fail if the dormerID identifies a skylight, or dormerID is not valid.

dormerID: Identifies the dormer for which to retrieve the information. edgeIndex: Index to which roof face this skylight is placed. Value is one based.

cornerOffset: Distance from the vertex to the center of the dormer. isPerpOffset: Determines the meaning of the next parameter. Set to true for the value to be the plan distance from the outline to the front of the dormer. Set to false for offsetValue to set the distance from the top of the dormer to the bearing height. perpOrHeightOffset: Either the distance from the outline to the front of the dormer, or from the dormer roof to the floor.

symName: Symbol to place in the dormer, this is the window. centerSymbol: Set to true to vertically center the symbol in the dormer. Doing so causes the next parameter to be ignored. Set to false to offset the symbol from the top of the dormer using the next parameter. symOffset: Distance from top of the dormer to symbol insertion point.


Availability: from VectorWorks8.0

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