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Appendix I - Markers

Marker Styles and Constants

A marker style constant can be created by combining some of the basic elements listed below (Root Type, Base, Fill, Half Tick and Tail).

Root Type Constant
Arrow Marker
ConcavedCurvedArrowMarker 1
SShapedMarker 1
RectangleMarker 1
Base (Only meaningful for ArrowMarker and ConcaveCurvedArrowMarke) Constant
OpenBaseMarker 102
AngleBaseMarker 204
ArcBaseMarker 307
Fill Constant
WhiteFillMarker 12
NoFillMarker 25


  1. NoFillMarker is the only valid setting for LassoMarker, DimSlashMarker, and DimCrossMarker
Tail (Meaningless for CircleMarker, DimCrossMarker, LassoMarker, HexagonMarker, ConeMarker, and RectangleMarker) Constant
TailMarker 32768
Half Tick (Meaningless for LassoMarker and ConeMarker) Constant
LeftHalfTickMarker 16384
RightHalfTickMarker 24576
Useful Composite Constants (Use these instead of Simpe Constants) Constant
OpenBaseNoFillMarker 128
NoFillLassoMarker 26
NoFillDimSlashMarker 25
NoFillDimSlashMarker 25
NoFillConeMarker 264
WhiteFillConeMarker 136
Examples Constan
Vs appendix clip image002 0001.jpg style = 2176 <=> 0 + 2048 + 128 (ArrowMarker + AngleBaseMarker + WhiteFillMarker)
Vs appendix clip image002 0002.jpg style = 16390 <=> 6 + 0 + 16384 (HexagonMarker + LineColorFillMarker + LeftHalfTickMarker

Marker Thicknes Basis and Unit

The marker thickness basis constant specifies the type and unit of the marker thickness to be set. A marker thickness basis constant is created by adding the thickness unit to the thickness basis. Note that the thickness value and unit are only meaningful for custom thickness.

Marker Thickness Basis Constant
Use Line Thickness 0
Use Dim Thickness 1
Custom Thickness 2
Marker Thickness Unit Constant
Mils 0
Points 16
Millimeters 32
thicknessBasis = 34 <=> 2 + 32 (Custom thickness in Millimeters)
thicknessBasis = 18 <=> 2 + 16 (Custom thickness in Points) 

Examples of

Marker Styles

Marker Style Example
0 Vs appendix clip image002.jpg
256 Vs appendix clip image004.jpg
1280 Vs appendix clip image005.jpg
2 Vs appendix clip image007.jpg
130 Vs appendix clip image009.jpg
259 Vs appendix clip image011.jpg
260 Vs appendix clip image012.jpg
2048 Vs appendix clip image014.jpg
17664 Vs appendix clip image015.jpg
261 Vs appendix clip image017.jpg
3073 Vs appendix clip image019.jpg
1281 Vs appendix clip image020.jpg
264 Vs appendix clip image022.jpg
34048 Vs appendix clip image024.jpg
16512 Vs appendix clip image025.jpg
16384 Vs appendix clip image027.jpg
9 Vs appendix clip image029.jpg
135 Vs appendix clip image030.jpg
32903 Vs appendix clip image032.jpg
266 Vs appendix clip image033.jpg
6 Vs appendix clip image035.jpg
128 Vs appendix clip image037.jpg
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