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Creates a new path extrude object in the document. The profile defines the shape of the cross-section, and is extruded along the path to generate the resulting object.

The path argument must be a handle to a NURBS Curve object (type 111). The profile argument must be a handle to an object of one of the following types: NURBS Curve, Polygon, Polyline, Arc, Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Line, Oval.

FUNCTION ExtrudeAlongPath(
pathHandle  :HANDLE;
profileHandle  :HANDLE) : HANDLE;
def vs.ExtrudeAlongPath(pathHandle, profileHandle):
    return HANDLE


pathHandle HANDLE Handle to the path object.
profileHandle HANDLE Handle to the profile object.

Return Value

Returns a generic solid HANDLE to the new path extrude if successful, otherwise returns NIL.


_c_, 2018.05.13: The generated extrusion is a Generic Solid and won't take the active class attributes, while CreateExtrudeAlongPath will create a number of NURBS curves with class attributes, but they won't section properly in Section Viewports without stitch and trim, since they don't generate a fill. Tested in Pio: OK.

The generic solid can not be edited

The following objects are supported as profile objects:

  • 2 - Line
  • 3 - Box
  • 4 - Oval
  • 5 - Polygon
  • 6 - Arc
  • 8 - Freehand
  • 13 - R Rect
  • 21 - Polyline
  • 25 - 3D Poly
  • 111 - NURBS Curve


Availability: from Vectorworks 2014

See Also

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VS Functions: [[VS:CreateExtrudeAlongPath]]
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