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Disables modules. The modules parameter is a bitfield indicating which modules to disable.
Table - GetEnabledModules Selectors
Module Selector Description
Foundation 0 VectorWorks general purpose CAD.
RenderWorks 1 Advanced rendering features, lighting, textures.
Architect 2 Architectural features including advanced window, door, wall framing, HVAC
Landmark 4 Site modeling and landscape design module.
Spotlight 8 Theater lighting, set, and scenic design features.
Mechanical 16 Mechanical engineering module for designers and fabricators.
Pro 32 Foundation for European market.
PROCEDURE DisableModules(
modules  :LONGINT);
def vs.DisableModules(modules):
    return None


modules LONGINT This modules parameter is a LONGINT value which contains a bit for each possible product module. If a module is enabled, then the corresponding bit is set to 1. If that module is disabled, then its bit is 0. The table below contains selectors that can be used to interpret the results of this function. To determine if a module is enabled, do a bitwise "and" operation with the selector and the value returned by this function. See the usage example below.


Availability: from VectorWorks 10.0

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