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Developer Tools

On Windows it is recomended using Microsoft "Visual Studio .NET 2005" for developing Vectorworks SDK Plug-ins. Microsoft has launched the Express Editions of Visual Studio which are free.

On Macintosh it is recomended Xcode 3.1. You can download it from after log in. You can find it in Download section under Developer Tools.

New Features

Resource Changes

In the tool defining resource 'TDef' the second and third fields have been renamed:

resource 'TDef' (128, "Tool") {
  /* pickAndUpdate, disablePickUpdate */        pickAndUpdate,
  /* doesntNeedScreenPlane, needsScreenPlane */ needsScreenPlane,
  /* doesntNeed3DView, needs3DView */           doesntNeed3DView,
  /* use2DCursor, use3DCursor */                use2DCursor,

New Functions

The list can be found here SDK:Vectorworks 2010 New Functions

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