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Adding VWUI support

Setting up the properties

Show property pages of the project. (Right click on the project name inside 'Solution Explorer', and select 'Properties')

Go to 'C/C++/General' and in the field 'Additional Include Directories' enter:


or the path to your \SDKLib\Include\VWUI folder.

Go to 'Linker/Input' and add 'VWUI.lib' to the 'Additional Dependencies' value. Note that this lib fild should be found where the other SDK library files are found. This means that the 'Linker/General' 'Additional Library Directories' should point to the library folder inside the SDK.

Setting up the code

Inside your prefix file enter: (or you can add this to all the files that use User Interface)

#include "VWUI.h"

This will include VWUI namespace of classes to your project.

Making dialog handler class

You make your dialogs layout by using automated tool (objects in VectorWorks) for visual creation called Dialog Builder.

Then you have to create a class for each one of your dialogs providing handing of events for this dialog.

Working with VWUI controls

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