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namespace VectorWorks

Member of VCOM:VectorWorks:ISDK

This structure is used to apply a texture resource to a particular object's texture part. It sets the mapping type, the 3D location and orientation for the mapping (the transform from object space to texture space), the 2D modifiers, and additional mapping options.

struct TextureMappingInfoSDK
  // Normalized 3D axis vectors and 3D offset from parameter space's 
  // default center (bottom center for cylinder, front bottom left for planar, etc.).
  // Transforms from object space to texture space.
  _TransformMatrix fOriginOrient;

  Boolean fInitialized;	// True if the the values have been set in a meaningful way
  // EParamSpaceKind: planar, spherical, cylindrical, or algorithmic
  short fParamSpaceKind;

  // Texture bitmap modifiers
  WorldPt f2DOffset;
  double f2DScale;
  double f2DRotation;	// radians

  // Spherical and cylindrical space only 
  // The feature length of the texture bitmap is true size on the sphere or
  // cylinder surface.  The radius value lets the user shrink or expand this
  // surface.
  WorldCoord fRadius;
  Boolean fFlipTexture; // This is to indicate whether texture gets fliped horizontally or vertically. 
                        // with combination of rotation angle and offset, it achieves flipping
  Boolean fRepeatH; // Repeat texture along horizontal direction 
  Boolean fRepeatV; // Repeat texture along vertical direction
  Boolean fAutoAlignPlanar;
  Boolean fAutoAlignPlanarLongestEdge;
  Boolean fUseWorldZ;


Availability: from VectorWorks 2009

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