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By François de Felix

What's that

This article will explain how to create a multiple extrude using the SDK.

To create an empty multiple extrude object, use :

	gSDK->Kludge( 3800, doubleParams, &multiExtrude );
  • doubleParams is a pointer to an array of 2 double_params (bottom and top of the extrude).
  • multiExtrude is a handle on the resulting multiple extrude object.


MCObjectHandle CreateMultiExtrude(MCObjectHandle obj1, MCObjectHandle obj2, WorldCoord bottom, WorldCoord top)
	MCObjectHandle multiExtrude;
	double doubleParams[] = {bottom, top};
	gSDK->Kludge( 3800, doubleParams, &multiExtrude );
	     // now multiExtrude is a handle on my new empy multiple extrude

	gSDK->AddObjectToContainer(obj1, multiExtrude );
	gSDK->AddObjectToContainer(obj2, multiExtrude );
             // you can add more than 2 objects in your extrude

	return multiExtrude;

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