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How to install

  • Download the sample: File:PythonSample
  • Install the sample by coping the contents of the zip file into your users 'Plug-ins' folder. The easiest way to find this folder is by going to Vectorworks menu Tools -> Options -> Vectorworks Preferences... then in the 'User Folder' tab click on 'Explore...' button and navigate to the 'Plug-ins' sub-folder.
Note: it is advisable to create a sub folder inside 'Plug-ins' and copy the sample files inside. This way all your plug-ins will be organized.
  • Run Vectorworks and edit the Workspace (from the menu Tools -> Workspaces -> Workspace Editor) to add the new menu command. It can be found under the 'Sample Python' category

How the sample works

The sample adds a new menu command defined by the 'vsm' file which represents a plug-in. You can see this plug-in under the menu Tools -> Plug-ins -> Plug-in Manager. There you can edit properties of the script as well as the script text itself.

The script for this sample 'import's python module (represented by a separate file) called ''. This module defines the behavior of the plug-in.

import _main

When the sample menu command is executed it script imports the '_main' module and runs the 'execute' function inside. It demonstrates how to show a dialog, collect some data, and act on the data.

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