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Vectorworks 2015 supports high-resolution images/cursors/icons for retina displays.

Vectorworks will automatically use high-res images from the image folder when an image resource is being loaded.

In order for this to work, the high-res images must:

  • be 72dpi
  • have a width and height must be exactly twice the size of the low-res version used by pre-2015 versions. Recall that this is currently 26 x 20px, so the high-res version must be 52 x 40px.
  • be named the same as the normal version, but with a suffix: @2x. For example, myicon.png would require a myicon@2x.png filename.

The Workspace Editor and the Plug-in Manager have been updated to allow for high-res images. When loading images from there, Vectorworks will just ask for the normal image, but it will look for the high-res image as part of the load process. If an image is found with the above criteria, it will be used.


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